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Ricker Real Estate Consulting, LLC is a full service commercial brokerage providing sales, leasing, management, and construction oversite expertise to Juneau. In order to position your asset favorably, these services are provided with the understanding of the current market in both the public and private sector.


Tracey Ricker, Broker/Owner, has been involved in the Southeast Alaska real estate for over 35 years. Her client base has involved the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Alaska Electrical Pension Trust, Edward Jones, and Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, to name a few. Successful lease transactions have represented in excess of over 40 million in value to the investors. At one time, Tracey was entrusted with 97 million in assets under management. Her construction management experience has exceeded 3 million in individual project costs.


Whether your needs involve brokerage, property management, leasing, or help enhancing the value of the property, services are solution based and tailored to the needs of each client. The primary goal is to achieve the greatest financial results for the investor.



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