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Property and Facility Management Services 

Managing and optimizing the value of the asset through maximizing rents and lowering operating costs..



Financial Reporting


  • The broker will supervise all operations and accounting activities including tracking accounts receivables, accounts payable, rent, CPI increases and overall cash management.

  • Budgets: Operating and capital budgets will be created by the Broker and approved by the client.




Property Operations


The Broker facilitates the daily operations of the Assets as follows: 


  • Contract with local service providers to include daily inspections of the building, building systems, janitorial, and seasonal services as required. 

  • Bid Analysis and Coordination 

  • Construction Management 

  • Preventative Mantenance Programs 

  • Lease Adminitration 

  • Tenate Relations Programs 

  • Strive to maintain the financial performance of the property through preserving the physical condition of the Asset, monitoring energy consumption and identify ways to operate the building more efficiently. 




Leasing and Marketing Plans


As mutually agreed upon by Owner and Broker:


  • Utilize the experience, skill, and knowlege of the Juneau Market and parties involved to negotiate the strongest terms with minimal risk to the client/ customer.

  • Allow for cooperation and shared commisions with the local brokerage community. 

  • Marketing efforts will include MLS, website, appropriate signage and brochures. 

  • Marketing progress reports will be provided to the Owner with market feedback and comparable properties.




Consulting Services


  • Leasing 

  • Tenant Representation 

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Sales and Acquisitions 

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